27 Aprile 2023

Assemblea generale Spediporto 2023 “Genova@connected.world”

Venerdì scorso RonSped ha partecipato all’assemblea Generale dei Soci Spediporto “Genova@connected.world” presso la Sala delle Grida del Palazzo Della Borsa.  Collegamenti reali e virtuali Tema centrale […]
8 Maggio 2023

The role of AI in Logistics

The logistics industry is constantly seeking ways to improve efficiency and optimize operations, which can be achieved through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). By automating […]
16 Maggio 2023

The value of Cosmetic industry in Italy and the export forecast for 2023

A study conducted by Althesys reveals that the Cosmetic industry in Italy generated a shared value of 22.3 billion euros in 2021, equivalent to 1.25% of […]