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Ronsped Worldwide srl truly represents the history of shipping. The Ronchetto family has been operating for over 80 years in the port city of Genoa.

In the 1930s, Vittorio started working as a stevedore, a figure who then took care of the organisation of the entire cargo on board. A true“ ship architect”, where he provided to "fill" the hold in the best way possible matching weights and dimensions. The second generation of the Ronchetto family started working in the 1940's. Already at 15 years old, Vittorio's son Attilio, fascinated by this world, entered the family business. Once his training was completed, during which he gained experience and developed an International background. Attilio decided to launch “Ronchetto Spedizioni”.


Today the company is run by the 3rd generation family member, Attilio’s son Marco, who supported by the whole family in the 80s founded «Ronsped»a professional reality firmly anchored to its own history and aimed towards the future, capable to offer a range of punctual and efficient services to and from over all the world.

Over the years, RonSped has kept pace with the evolution of the world of shipping satisfying the increasing demands of it's customers. These new challenges have led the company to combine professionalism with new technologies, in order to offer reliable, fast and efficient international services.

Therefore RonSped soon becomes “Worldwide” developing in the last twenty years an extensive network of agents who provide worldwide logistic services.


RonSped Worldwide has a solution for any transport; It organizes customized shipments for all needs, delivery timeframes and types of cargo, and organizes shipments each day to and from any location.

RonSped Worldwide’s goal is a timely service – we guarantee quick and precise deliveries anywhere in the world at any time. We measure our performance on client loyalty and satisfaction.
RonSped Worldwide ‘s internal processes are aimed at quality and efficiency of it's services at a competitive price.

Our people are the company’s assets and thus we carefully invest in employee training.
A dedicated team guarantees maximum reliability and precision. We treat our customer’s cargo as if it were our own. Teamwork and cooperation: what makes the difference for a customer is everyone’s contribution aimed at continuous improvement.


We measure our performance on the basis of Customer satisfaction and loyalty.Our internal processes are characterized by quality and transparency, in order to offer efficient services at a competitive price.

Our people are our heritage and their professionalism is constantly updated.We believe in teamwork and collaboration: we know that what makes the difference to the customer is everyone’scontribution to continuous improvement.


Our organization is designed on the basis of our customer’s needs, which allows us to respond to any request in real time.

The company’s structure is articulated according to competencies and responsibilities, but we manage clients in an integrated way, to be able to keep all shipments we are dealing with up-to-date and answer any questions or requests for more information.

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