Air Transport

Ronsped Worldwide is your transport consultant

RonSped Worldwide provides import/export air transport services to and from airports in Milan and Rome. We provide airport management services, pick-up / delivery services with the necessary vehicles - on request -, from tail liftto courier deliveries according to which is best in relation to time of boarding.

RonSped Worldwide also attends to bulky and heavy shipments intended forscheduled cargo flights or dedicated charter flights.

We take care of the following aspects:

  1. Airspace reservation’
  2. Goods control and stowage
  3. Pick-up/delivery of shipments in export/import
  4. Issue of shipping documents (AWB, MAWB, HAWB)
  5. Import/export customs formalities, certifications ans consular visas and ATA Carnet
  6. Assitance for the MDGF form
Of particular importance:

  1. DGR classified goods services (according to IATA regulations)
  2. Consolidated shipments

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