Land transport

Ronsped Worldwide is your transport consultant

RonSped Worldwide offers land transport services for single packages, pallets, reels, drums, crates and extra dimensions or weight cargo to and from all of Europe, continental countries and islands.

By choosing us, our customers will need only one supplier for any necessity they may have. From sample shipments to full truck loads product delivery.
Ronsped Worldwide also takes care of customs procedures for non- EC deliveries ( including T1, T2L, and ATR ) and transport documents (CMR , Carnet TIR).

Specifically, we handle the following aspects:

  • Packaging and transportation conformity check
  • Warehouse and transhipment depot support when necessary
  • Required transport documents.
  • Transportation reservation with certified and tested vectors
  • Loading and unloading procedure verification as accorded with the customer
  • Delivery within historic center areas thanks to permanent permits and services
  • Port dock deliveries for FAS returns
  • Tail lift vehicle or crane unloading procedures
  • Of interest::

    1. Service and pick-ups throughout Europe
    2. Service for Hazardous goods
    3. Dedicated consignments for Fair and Events./li>

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